Catherine Baillon: Royal Connection

Catherine Baillon Coat of Arms
Catherine Baillon was the daughter of Alphonse de Baillon, Sieur de Valence et de la Mascotterie, and Louise de Marle. She was born around 1645, probably near Montfort-l’Amaury, Île-de-France, outside of Paris. Her parents were members of the minor French nobility. She came to New France around 1669 as a Fille du Roi and married Jacques Miville dit Deschênes on 12 November 1669 at Québec City. Together they had six children. Both Jacques and Catherine died on 27 January 1688 at Rivière-Ouelle, and it is likely they were victims of the smallpox epidemic that struck Québec in 1687.

Catherine Baillon’s descent from King Philippe II Auguste of France (a descendant of Charlemagne and wife Hildegard) has been carefully researched in original sources by four genealogists who are well-known for their past accurate and well-documented works: René Jetté, John P. DuLong, Roland-Yves Gagné, and Gail F. Moreau. The website of the Catherine Baillon Royal Connection Research Association at provides links to publications and other reference materials related to Baillon genealogical research.

Descendants of Catherine Baillon

Thousands of descendants of French-Canadian ancestors are able to claim royal blood by way of descent from Catherine Baillon, including the descendants of Marie Consigny, great-grandmother of Robert Alexander Perrault.

Marie Consigny was a great-grandaughter of Véronique Miville who, in turn, was a great-grandaughter of Catherine Baillon. In 1770, Véronique married Joseph François Consigny dit Sansfaçon, the son of a convicted salt smuggler deported to Canada in 1733, and through this marriage the link between Marie Consigny and Catherine Baillon is established. Thus, a royal connection is identified, and our lineage is extended back several hundred years to Charlemagne.

1-Charlemagne, Emperor of the West King of the Franks (m. 771) Hildegard of Vinzgau
2-Pépin I, Roi d’Italie (m. abt 795) Bertha of Toulouse
3-Bernard, Roi d’Italie (m. abt 815) Cunégonde
4-Pépin, Comte dans la region de Paris (m. ) Unknown
5-Héribert I, Comte de Vermandois (m. ) Unknown
6-Béatrice de Vermandois (m. abt 895) Robert I Roi, de France
7-Hugues ‘le Grand’, Duc de France (m. 938) Hedwig von Sachsen
8-Hugues ‘Capet’, Roi de France (m. 968) Adelaide de Poitou
9-Robert II ‘the Pious’, Roi de France (m. 1003/1005) Constance de Provence
10-Henri I, Roi de France (m. 1051) Anne de Russie
11-Philippe I ‘the Fair’, Roi de France (m. 1071/1073) Berthe de Hollande
12-Louis VI ‘le Gros’, Roi de France (m. 1115) Adélaïde de Savoie
13-Louis VII, Roi de France (m. 1160) Adèle de Blois de Champagne
14-Philippe II ‘Auguste’, Roi de France (m. 1196) Agnès d’Andechs de Méranie
15-Marie de France (m. 1213) Henri I de Brabant, Duc de Brabant
16-Élisabeth de Brabant (m. 1233) Thierry de Clèves, Seigneur de Dinslaken
17-Mathilde de Clèves (m. 1253) Gérard de Luxembourg, Seigneur de Durbury
18-Marguerite de Luxembourg (m. 1284-1289) Jean III, Seigneur de Ghistelles
19-Jean IV, Seigneur de Ghistelles (m. abt 1337) Marie de Haverskerke, Dame de Straten
20-Roger de Ghistelles, Seigneur de Dudzeele et de Straten (m. abt 1357) Marguerite, Dame de Dudzeele
21-Isabelle de Ghistelles (m. abt 1380-1390) Arnould VI de Gavre, Baron d’Escornaix
22-Catherine de Gavre d’Escornaix, Dame de Vaux-sur-Orge (m. 1419-1425) Guy I Le Bouteillier
23-Guy II Le Bouteillier, Seigneur de la Bouteillerie et de La Roche-Guyon (m. abt 1450) Isabeau de Morhier
24-Jean Le Bouteillier, Seigneur de la Bouteillerie (m. abt 1480/1490) Marie de Venois
25-Bénigne Le Bouteillier, Dame de La Boissière (m. 1516) Jacques Maillard, Seigneur de Champagne
26-Miles Maillard, Seigneur du Breuil et de La Boissière (m. 1555) Marie Morant
27-Renée Maillard (m. abt 1580) Adam Baillon, Seigneur de Valence
28-Alphonse Baillon, Sieur de La Mascotterie (m. abt 1630/1640) Louise de Marle
29-Marie Catherine Baillon (m. 1669) Jacques Miville dit Deschênes
30-Charles Miville dit Deschênes (m. 1696/97) Louis Marie Charlotte Grondin
31-Charles Miville dit Deschênes (m. 1741/42) Jeanne Marie Anne Fâche
32-Véronique Miville de Deschênes (m. 1770) Joseph François Consigny dit Sansfaçon
33-Nicolas Consigny (m. 1796) Marie Catherine Hurtubise
34-François Consigny (m. 1829) Marie Josephe Venne
35-Marie Consigny (m. 1853) Jules Perrault
36-Nazaire Perrault (m.1888) Marie Philomène Demerise Simoneau
37-Joseph Toussaint Hector Emmauel Perrault (m. 1917) Jessie O’Neil
38-Robert Alexander Perrault (m. 1944) Florence Anna Mosier

source: Catherine Baillon Royal Connection Research Association, “Ascending Lineage from Catherine Baillon to Charlemagne” []; citing: René Jetté, John P. DuLong, Roland-Yves Gagné, and Gail F. Moreau. 1997. “De Catherine Baillon à Charlemagne.” Mémoires de la Société généalogique canadienne-française 48 (Autumn): 190-216. Figure 2, pp. 195-196.

note: Philippe II Auguste, King of France, descends several times from Charlemagne. Philippe’s mother, Adèle de Blois de Champagne, is a great-granddaughter of William I ‘the Conqueror’, King of England, who himself descends from Charlemagne.

Yeah, right…


Consider the fact that professional genealogical societies generally accept that statistically as much as 90% of the living population of Europe would be able to show Charlemagne in their direct line, if they could find the right records to trace back that far. The number drops to about 60-70% for persons living in the United States.

Such statistics mean that there is more than a 2 to 1 likelihood that Charlemagne is in our lineage, if we could trace back far enough. Of course, if the passage of time had preserved a history of their names, there is at least an equal likelihood that Charlemagne’s stable boy or chambermaid would also appear in our lineage….

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