Alvion P. Mosier and Anna Williams

Alvion P. Mosier and Anna Williams, c. 1955

Alvion Paul Mosier was the father of Florence Mosier and the fourth child of Henry Clay Mosier and Julia Wanzer. He was born on 30 Jul 1890. He claimed Vincennes, Indiana as his place of birth; however, his parents list his birthplace as Illinois in the 1900 U.S. Census. As a young boy, he emigrated with his family in a covered wagon to the Oklahoma Territory where he spent his youth on his family’s farm.

Discouraged by the harsh existence common to Oklahoma farmers of the early 1900’s, Alvion left home in search of adventure and a better life. He joined the U.S. Navy in 1908 and served on the USS Tennessee, later renamed the Memphis. While aboard the Tennessee, he was selected to serve in a special detail assigned to guard the U.S. Embassy in Paris and the American Ambassador during the German siege of Paris in 1914.

After Alvion’s second enlistment in the Navy was completed, he joined the Philadelphia Police Department but enlisted in the Army after the United States entered World War I. He was wounded in the Battle of the Argonne in 1918 and discharged from the Army, whereupon he returned to Philadelphia and his position with the Police Department. On 30 Apr 1919, he married Anna Williams.

Anna May Williams was born on 29 Jun 1895 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Anna was the first child of Albert Williams, Jr. and Anna Martha Culp; both parents were born in Philadelphia. Anna grew up in Philadelphia and was employed as a telephone operator before her marriage. After marrying, Alvion and Anna settled in Roxborough, a neighborhood on the northwest side of Philadelphia, and raised their family. They were the parents of four daughters: Florence Anna (1921-1996), Anna May (1925-1930), Betty Louise (1927-2000) and Jane Doreen (1927-1994). Betty and Jane were twins.

Alvion retired from the Police Department in 1944 and spent his “retirement” years in service to veterans of foreign wars. Both Alvion and Anna were active volunteers in several community and charitable organizations. Alvion died on 15 Apr 1978 in Philadelphia at the age of 88. Anna died on 6 Oct 1998 in Mt. Laurel, New Jersey at the age of 103.

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