Martin Moser and Margaretha Schwembauer

Johann Martin Moser1 was the 5th great-grandfather of Florence Mosier and the youngest of seven children of peasant farmer Adam Moser and Maria Strobel. Martin, as he was known, was born on January 10, 1693 in Grossulrichshausen, Mittlefranken (now Bavaria), Germany2.

Martin was a shoemaker by trade. On June 29, 1717, at the age of 24, he married Margaretha Schwembauer, the daughter of Wolf Schwembauer, in Breitenau, Mittlefranken.3 Margaretha’s birthdate and birthplace are not known.

The Lutheran churchbooks of Breitenau 1637-1765 include birth records for seven children of Martin and Margaretha and death records for three:

  1. Maria Magdalena Moser, born 15 Mar 1718 in Breitenau, Mittlefranken, Germany; died 28 Aug 1718 in Breitenau, Mittlefranken, Germany.4
  2. N. Moser, born and died 5 Jun 1719 in Breitenau, Mittlefranken, Germany.5
  3. Maria Margaretha Moser, born 7 Jun 1720 in Breitenau, Mittlefranken, Germany;6 married Jacob Stanbrook before 1744.7
  4. Georg Fredrich Moser, born 3 Mar 1722 in Breitenau, Mittlefranken, Germany;8 married 22 Apr 1750 in New Hanover, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania;9 died between 21 Feb and May 1800 in Orange County, North Carolina.10
  5. Maria Barbara Moser, born 12 Dec 1723 in Breitenau, Mittlefranken, Germany;11 died 1 Mar 1726 in Breitenau, Mittlefranken, Germany.12
  6. Anna Margaretha Moser, born 27 Mar 1726 in Breitenau, Mittlefranken, Germany.13
  7. Johann Leonhard Moser, born 29 May 1727 in Breitenau, Mittlefranken, Germany.14

As a result of religious or economic pressures, Martin Moser and his family were part of the mass migration from Germany to America that began in the early 1700’s. The family sailed from Rotterdam aboard the ship James Goodwill under the command of ship master David Crokatt and arrived in the port of Philadelphia on September 11, 1728.15 Martin settled with his wife and children in the Perkiomen Valley at New Goshenhoppen, in Philadelphia County (now Montgomery County, near the Berks County line). They were members of the New Hanover (Falkner’s Swamp) Lutheran Church.

Of the children born in Germany, only Georg Fredrich (“Frederick”) and Maria Margaretha have been identified in subsequent records. It is not known whether Anna Margaretha and Johann Leonhard died in transit or after arrival in Pennsylvania, but no record of them in America has been located. Martin and Margaretha16 had at least four more children after arriving in Pennsylvania:

  1. Barbara Moser,17 born after 1728.
  2. Johann Philip Moser, born about 1730 in Pennsylvania;18 married Barbara Krangelich;19 died 1817.20
  3. Johann Michael Moser, born 30 May 1734 in New Goshenhoppen, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.21
  4. Johann Burkhard Moser, born about 1736 in Pennsylvania;22 married Maria Agatha Lichtenwallner;23 died 1807 in Lynn, Northampton County, Pennsylvania.24

Martin Moser died in 174425 at the age of 51. It is possible that his death was unexpected since he died without leaving a will. An administrator’s bond was executed on April 6, 1744 by Margaretha Moser, Benedict Strom and Herman Fisher of Goshenhoppen and filed with the Register General for Probate of Wills in the County of Philadelphia. The bond required that the deceased Martin Moser’s estate be inventoried and debts settled by April 7, 1745.

No record of Margaretha Moser has been found after 1744, and it is not known when she died.

The following record documenting the dispostion of Martin Moser’s estate was found in the records of Philadelphia County[spelling and punctuation are as found in the records]:

An Acct of Margt Mosser widow & Relict of Martin Mosser Late of Upper Hannover Townp Yeom deced as well of all & singular the Goods Chattels Rights & Credits wch were of ye sd Deced wch came to ye hands of ye sd accomptant as of her Payments & Disbursements our of ye same as follows
The sd accomptant Charges herself wh all & singular the Goods Chattels Rights & Credits wch were of ye sd Deced as mention in an Inventory thereof Eshd into & remaining in the Reg Genls office at Philada41:13:0The sd accomptant Prays & allowances for her Payments & Disbursements out of ye same as follows
By Jn Potts to him in full for a Debt contracted with him By the Deced1:4:0
By Peter Zoll pd him:17:0
By John Lightenwalder to him pd2:0:6
By Jacob Reiffs pd him on
acct of admcon
1:6:[ ]
By appraisers their [ ] & for draw & Inventory &c:15:[ ]
By [ ] for [ ] acct, Invy & making up acct:7:0
By [ ] for fair copy under [ ]:12:6
[ ] Between ye widow & Children34:12:6
To Ball brot down34:12:6By ye widow for her11:10:10
By Frederick ye Eldest
Son 2 shares due to him
6:11:10 ½
By Margt Stanbrook wife of Jacob Stanbrook due to them3:5:11 ½
By Barbara Moser due to her3:5:11 ½
By Philip Moser3:5:11 ½
By Michl Moser due to him3:5:11 ½
By Burkhard Moser due to him3:5:11 ½
34:12:6Errors Excepted34:12:6
Margaret X Mosser

Inventory of Goods both Real & Personal belonging to the Estate of Martin Moser deceased of Upper Hannover Philadelphia County praised as falloweth:
His clothes200
Iron Stove2100
Sadle & Bridle040
Hough & harrow1150
Axes hows & other iron Instruments190
Kitchen goods0100
Horse & Mare800
2 Cows & Calfs700
3 Sheeps0100
Amounts together41130
Appraised & taken the 20th Day of October
Anno Domini 1744 by us
Gr[ ]man Fisher
Benedict X Strom

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