Kolb Arrivals in Pennsylvania 1707-1828

Source: A genealogical history of the Kolb, Kulp or Culp family and its branches in America, with biographical sketches of their descendants from the earliest available records from 1707 to the present time, including Dielman Kolb in Germany. Cassel, Daniel Kolb. Norristown, PA: Morgan R. Willis. 1979.

 Date of ArrivalShip
Martin Kolb1707*
Jacob Kolb1707*
Henry Kolb1707
Johannes Kolb1707*
Dielman Kolb10 Aug 1717**
Hans Casper Kolb & Anna Phillis Kolb15 Sep 1729Allen
Leonhart Kolb & Anna Kolb30 Nov 1730Joyce
Conrad Kolb11 Oct 1732Pleasant
John Jacob Kolb30 Aug 1737Samuel
Johann Ludwig Kolb26 Sep 1737St. Andrew Galley
Melchior Kolb11 Sep 1738Robert Oliver
Peter Kolb11 Sep 1738Robert Oliver
George Michael Kolb & Anna Elizabeth Kolb11 Sep 1738Robert Oliver
Matteas Kolb7 Nov 1741Snow Thane of Fife
Michael Kolb21 Sep 1742Francis Elizabeth
Mattheis Kolb20 Oct 1744Phoenix
Martin Kolb20 Oct 1744Phoenix
John Peter Kolb20 Oct 1744Phoenix
Andreas Kolb14 Sep 1751Duke of Bedford
Peter Kolb29 Sep 1753Snow Rowland
Johann Philip Kolb30 Sep 1754Neptune
Johann Andreas Kolb20 Oct 1764Richmond
Philip Kolb5 Nov 1764Prince of Wales
George Kolb1780
Balzer Kolb1780
Gotlieb Kolb1828

*The Palatine Project (progenealogists.com/palproject/pa/) includes these individuals with Skippack Settlers, arriving in 1709.

**The Palatine Project includes Dielman Kolb on passenger list for ship Mortonhouse, arriving 19 Aug 1729.