Perraults and Mosiers . . . a bit of family history

As is true with most families, the search for the origins of the Perrault and Mosier families will be difficult and probably never finished. Although knowledge of our family’s history will always be limited by time and distance, we are fortunate that a few fragments do remain to help us understand something of our family’s past.

Searching for ancestors can become an obsession more than a hobby. This is probably the case for most people engaged in the research of their family history. It has been said that “the pursuit of family history and origins tends to be shaped by several motivations, including the desire to carve out a place for one’s family in the larger historical picture, a sense of responsibility to preserve the past for future generations, and a sense of self-satisfaction in accurate storytelling.”1

This site is the result of attempts to patch together information found in documents preserved in library archives and genealogical information shared by other researchers via the Internet to develop a partial picture of our Perrault and Mosier ancestors –who they were and how they might have lived. “Perraults and Mosiers… a bit of family history” will more than likely always be a work in progress.

1“Genealogy,” Wikipedia article, (, citing Ronald Bishop, “In the Grand Scheme of Things: An Exploration of the Meaning of Genealogical Research,” Journal Of Popular Culture 2008 41(3): 393–412.